Public Engagement

The Review Group sought to capture some background evidence of opinion held by the general public across Scotland. This was done in two ways - through a (self-selecting) public survey, and through consideration of an opinion poll undertaken on a representative sample of the Scottish population. In addition, some public feedback was received through direct emails to the Review Group on their web-page at

The Review Group is grateful for the time taken by everyone who took part and engaged so pro-actively with its work.

Public Survey

Public opinion was surveyed on the subject of town centres, on a self-selecting survey basis, with participation encouraged through the Review Group, their contacts and partner organisations. Our analysis of the over 1500 responses received can be accessed here.

Opinion Polling

Public opinion polling work was undertaken by the Diffley Partnership, in an attempt to capture public affinity with their local high streets, with a particular focus on local shopping. The research was undertaken by Scotland's Towns Partnership, but was considered relevant to the TCAP Review Group's work. You can access the polling headline output here, and the supporting tables here.