In July 2020, the Scottish Government established a Review Group, chaired by Professor Leigh Sparks of the University of Stirling. The members of the Review Group were invited from a variety of relevant organisations and backgrounds. The Review Group was asked to:

“Review the progress and scope of the Town Centre Action Plan, published in response to the National Review of Town Centres conducted in 2013 by Malcolm Fraser and the Expert Advisory Group and produce a report detailing its findings with a revised vision for towns and a means to deliver that vision nationally and locally. The Review will place particular emphasis on recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on Scotland’s town centres, as well as on meeting Scotland’s climate change ambitions, identifying what further steps should be considered to make towns fit for all in Scotland”.

The report of the TCAP Review Group is expected to be published shortly.

The Review Group was chaired by Professor Leigh Sparks. Find out more about Review Group's terms of reference and its membership here.

To access a range of resources setting out the background to the review please check here.

To support and inform the work of the Review Group, opinion polling and public survey work was conducted. You can view the outcomes by checking here.

The Review Group independently sought written and oral evidence from a wide range of people and organisations - access the detail here.

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